Develop a cohesive voice infrastructure while reducing the cost to your bottom line.

Create a unified multi-location infrastructure over a secure enterprise network.

Build a stable local network to leverage the full power of your mission-critical applications.

Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.

Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.
Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.

Bridging technologies are used to join together legacy communications with modern IP infrastructure.

All organizations and within many, different levels of technology infrastructure exist, and as new technologies emerge into the marketplace, adoption occurs at different rates. Special bridging technologies exist to ease the problems presented by typically incompatible systems. Bridging brings together the well established systems with modern ones to help the organization operate more smoothly.

With over two decades of systems integration experience,
AIM Systems can seamlessly bridge your legacy communications with your modern IP network.

Fax servers leverage the mobility and convenience now needed in your current competitive environment. IP fax servers integrate the well established legacy fax machine with your modern IP network. A fax, commonly used for signed contracts, forms, and non-electronic documents, can be received and recorded as an image by an IP fax server and email it to a defined email address or addresses. Utilizing DID lines for multiple phone numbers or a single Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) line, one can define a single or many recipient email addresses. Salespeople, technicians, and field representatives will be able to utilize the increased timeliness of a fax received via email, and network users will be more productive sending and receiving faxes without having to leave their desks to visit the local fax machine.

Serial to IP adapters can be utilized by the many production devices, new and legacy, that use serial communications. Most organizations have large costs associated with supporting serial devices. Now with serial to IP connectivity, from anywhere in the world, a technician can conduct maintenance or change settings to a manufacturing process, monitor fuel pumps, or change permitted users at a remote warehouse. A manufacturing process that needs re-configuration historically would require a technician to make a site visit costing the organization days of costly downtime and travel expenses, but now the same technician can be more productive and save organizational costs by conducting the same work without leaving the office.

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