Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.

Create a unified multi-location infrastructure over a secure enterprise network.

Build a stable local network to leverage the full power of your mission-critical applications.

Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.

Develop a cohesive voice infrastructure while reducing the cost to your bottom line.
Develop a cohesive voice infrastructure while reducing the cost to your bottom line.

VOIP Defined

Voice over IP (VOIP) is the integration of voice networks and data networks.

Since the advent of the telephone, basic methods of voice transmission have changed little. Only recently beginning with the standard of a multimedia transmission protocol, H.323, has the communications environment begun to change. Now your voice that traditionally travels over the old analogue networks can now travel more efficiently as data over networks like the Internet. The resulting call made over a data network dramatically reduces or eliminates long distance phone costs and permits the organization to be more cohesive through better communication.

With over one decade of advanced telephony experience and half a decade of VOIP experience,
AIM Systems can smoothly transition your organization to cost saving VOIP systems.

Multi-location companies spend a large portion of the total phone bill on interoffice long distance and/or international calls. This amount spent can be totally eliminated with Voice over IP (VOIP) and seen on the financial statement bottom line. Offices that need to communicate about critical subjects like production, inventory levels, customer information, and engineering design can now discuss these types of issues in a timely manner without worrying about the per minute costs.

Remote offices can be linked using off premiss extensions that use the same extension numbers regardless of the office location. Whether the remote location is across town or in another country, Voice over IP (VOIP) will let your customers and co-workers stay in contact without having to learn new phone numbers or dial long distance or international calls thus saving time and money.

Home offices with Voice over IP (VOIP) can be utilized by managers and support staff needing to receive calls from different time zones. This technique especially eases the impact of a growing international business on ones home life. It is no longer necessary to stay in the office many hours after other employees have left or arrive much earlier than others.

Local offices are often required by large customers or government agencies. The organization that needs a local office can utilize Voice over IP (VOIP) to establish a local presence without staffing a distant location. VOIP is utilized along with IP faxing to give you the local phone and fax numbers required to be the local supplier.

Long Distance or international markets can be reached utilizing Voice over IP, VOIP. The technology can increase a company's market reach without significant cost.

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VOIP Interoperability

Today's organizations often acquire other offices and their existing phone systems or require different systems for reasons of technical support or availability. Voice over IP (VOIP) will link these different phone systems together. A good VOIP system integrates with your existing phone system regardless of its make or model thus saving the cost of expensive phone system replacements. VOIP works with your PBX, key system or plain old telephone system (POTS) to bridge communication gaps and yield a cohesive organization free of significant expense.

Availability of data connections naturally varies with different office locations and data network providers. Voice over IP (VOIP) can work with a T1/E1, cable modem, or DSL to leverage the available and practical methods of data access.

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VOIP case studies

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Lockwood Greene Engineering

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