Develop a cohesive voice infrastructure while reducing the cost to your bottom line.

Create a unified multi-location infrastructure over a secure enterprise network.

Build a stable local network to leverage the full power of your mission-critical applications.

Bridge legacy communications with your modern IP infrastructure.

Create a unified multi-location infrastructure over a secure enterprise network.
Create a unified multi-location infrastructure over a secure enterprise network.

Wide Area Networks, WANs, with Virtual Private Networks, VPNs, unify your
multi-location enterprise into a single network for reliable and secure data sharing.

Multi-location organizations can securely share data and run distributed applications on a Wide Area Network (WAN) secured within a Virtual Private Network, VPN. Competitive organizations have a need for timely information to make sales, support customers, and assist in making timely management decisions. VPNs within WANs provide the secure real-time information solution as opposed to email or chat that can generate costly information inaccuracies, delays, and lost productivity from double data entry.

With over two decades of network integration experience,
AIM Systems
can build the most stable WAN and secure VPN for your enterprise wide applications.

Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity has many options that include T1 lines, cable modem, DSL, or wireless. These options are balanced by availability, reliability, and cost. Mission critical applications are still served best by the more reliable and established T1 service, but depending on the organization's location and phone needs, the T1 option may not be the best offering. Smaller offices and the increasingly more common telecommuters will find the cable modem, DSL, or wireless to be the most cost effective connection. As your organization's information becomes more time sensitive and your office depends more on information from out in the field, your WAN access methods become more important.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are built on Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. These connections may utilize an Internet connection and encript it to make the WAN secure for your mission critical or sensitive data. A VPN gives your organization the security needed for sharing important applications and data in an environment that “feels” like a Local Area Network, LAN.

Remote terminal services can be utilized by organizations that need to access older non-WAN applications or applications and data that are simply too large to share over a wide area. Many accounting and production applications are impractical for and were never designed to share over a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN). Without adding a terminal service, these applications would be stranded on the host network and would not be available to your remote offices and personnel in the field that rely on centralized consistent information for servicing the customer, supporting the organization, and making timely business decisions.

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